Maalot offers exams in a number of Limudei Kodesh subjects to enable you to earn many more credits toward your degree. These Proficiency Exams (PE) are evaluated for credit by NCCRS.

3 credit exams are available in the following subjects:

Shmiras Halashon
Pirkei Avos
Hilchos Shabbos I
Hilchos Shabbos II
Hilchos Brachos
Sefer Bamidbar
Maseches Maakos
Maseches  Kiddushin
Sefer Yehoshua*
Sefer  Breishis*
Sefer Shmos*

Maalot offers a Hebrew Language Proficiency Exam worth up to 16 credits.
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The number of credits you can earn in Proficiency Exams depends on the seminary/yeshiva you attended.  Each seminary/yeshiva has its own list of optional Maalot exams that do not overlap the courses that will appear on your transcript. Most of these exam subjects are ones which you have probably studied  over the year, but which are not included in your 30 or 39 credit block.


Seminary students can take these exams while in Israel during seminary year  with no other fees other than the grading fee ($20). The 16 credit  Hebrew Proficiency Exam incurs a $75 grading fee.

Once you leave seminary, you have until August of that year to take exams at other locations where you will be charged the local proctor fee. If you live in a location where there is no Maalot branch, proctoring arrangements can be made upon request.

Yeshiva students should contact their respective yeshivos for testing fees and policies.


The charges for taking Maalot exams are as follows:

  • If you are currently enrolled at a Maalot branch (or an affiliate seminary or yeshiva), you will be charged a non-refundable $20 grading fee per exam, with the exception of the Hebrew Exam, which is $75.

  • If you are a non-Ma’alot student or alumnae, you will pay $60 per exam plus a $20 grading fee. The fee for the Hebrew Language exam is $300 which includes the grading fee.

  • Testing at Maalot Yerushalayim will not incur any proctor fees, whereas at other sites proctor fees will be determined by individual branch/location.

  • Please note that fees at Maalot branches are subject to change as per the local Maalot branch policies.

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