About Us

Maalot offers challenging coursework to orthodox Jewish women and men who want to earn a B.A., change careers, or expand their knowledge. Our student body consists of high school students in their senior year, students already in or returning from seminary or yeshiva as well as men and women transferring from other colleges or wishing to start careers while maintaining their commitment to growth in Torah.

Maalot  was founded by Neve Yerushalayim in 1984 to provide in-depth Torah studies  coupled with the professional studies and skills relevant to living a Torah-centered life. Young men and women driven by Torah values are concerned with their ability to contribute income to their families.  To meet this need, Maalot offers an education that develops conceptual and pre-professional skills at a level comparable to that of leading universities.  The studies at Maalot culminate with a fully-accredited BA degree from Thomas Edison State College or Excelsior College, all within an environment stressing  (Tznius  and) Torah growth. 

We are very proud of our alumnae who, (imbued with the spirit of Maalot) are raising families and assuming positions of Torah and professional leadership within their communities. By joining the Maalot program, you express a desire to continue growing and a respect for academic integrity. Maalot students are prepared to work assiduously as the Maalot program is very challenging.  Each course is an important component in preparation to take your place in the community and the workplace inspired and guided by eternal Torah values.

All 200 Maalot courses have been reviewed by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS), a division of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York. At their recent evaluation, of 2020, NCCRS found Maalot’s level of instruction to be comparable to the instruction at major American colleges and universities. Please note: Until September 2010, Maalot’s courses were reviewed and evaluated for credit by the American Council of Education, ACE. They are now reviewed for credit by the National College Credit Recommendation Service, NCCRS and can be viewed here:



Maximum amount of credits for your seminary classes. Up to 45 credits a year.

Earn A Regionally
Accredited Degree

Maalot provides the pathway to a regionally accredited BA, the most widely accepted college degree.


Your transcript will include significant upper level credits, so necessary for a regionally accredited degree.


Option to earn 21 - 44 additional credits at extremely reduced rates:
3-credit exam only $25
16-credit Language exams only $75

Maalot Capstone

Jewish Studies Capstone on a topic that interests you, entirely through Maalot.
Your interest – Your values!

Best Value For Your Money

Maximum graduate-school opportunities and employment options at minimum costs.