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Our Mission

Maalot offers challenging coursework to orthodox Jewish women and men who want to earn a B.A., change careers, or expand their knowledge. Our student body consists of high school graduates, students already in or returning from seminary or yeshiva and men and women transferring from other colleges or wishing to start careers while maintaining their commitment to growth in Torah.

Maalot believes that any student seeking Parnassah should prepare themselves with high quality pre-professional education, grounded in the ethical and halachic norms of Torah. Maalot provides an opportunity to earn a regionally accredited BA by offering high quality coursework within the framework of a Torah centered environment. The quality, professional and academic expertise of Maalot’s instructors are only surpassed by their commitment to Torah and Yiras Shomayim. Maalot courses have been evaluated by NCCRS (National College Credit Recommendation Service), a program administered by the New York State Board of Regents. Credit recommendations are posted to the NCCRS Online Directory.

Maalot seminary, post-seminary and yeshiva options have proven to be the most genuine preparation for graduate school and your professional future.

Our Students

The Maalot student is committed to Torah ideals and quality education. Each student understands that the integrity of a Torah lifestyle requires him or her to prepare to one’s best ability in order to serve the clients or students in their professional life ahead. Maalot is for the highly motivated student who seeks to maximize their potential while remaining committed to tznius and personal character development within Torah parameters.

Maalot students come from around the world and may live anywhere in the world and complete their degree without losing any credits.

Some students come to upgrade their professional skills, others want to start preparing for a profession from the beginning. All students welcome the opportunity to complete their degree in an atmosphere consistent with their life-style and busy schedules.


Maximum amount of credits for your seminary classes. Up to 45 credits a year.

Earn A Regionally
Accredited Degree

Maalot provides the pathway to a regionally accredited BA, the most widely accepted college degree.


Your transcript will include significant upper level credits, so necessary for a regionally accredited degree.


Option to earn 21 - 44 additional credits at extremely reduced rates:
3-credit exam only $25
16-credit Language exams only $75

Maalot Capstone

Jewish Studies Capstone on a topic that interests you, entirely through Maalot.
Your interest – Your values!

Best Value For Your Money

Maximum graduate-school opportunities and employment options at minimum costs.