IDCodeCourse TitleCreditsLevel
0159PHI320Advanced Topics in Jewish Philosophy3U
0109PHI280Ethics of the Fathers3L
0041PHI200Introduction to  Topics in Jewish Philosophy3L
3027PHI299Introduction to Philosophy of Mitzvot3L
0044PHI373Jewish Philosophy : Interpersonal Relationships3L/U
3019PHI399Jewish Philosophy – Rambam’s Thirteen Principles3L/U
0173PHI304Judaism: Religious, Philosophical & Ethical Issues3L/U
0059PHI374Philosophical & Theological Foundations of J. Pray3U
0177PHI314Philosophical Insights into Song of Songs (Ended 10/10)3U
0126PHI417Principles of Jewish Belief : Contemporary Polemics3U
0180PHI403Science, Philosophy & Judaism3U
3028PHI398Studies in Jewish Philosophy: “Duties of the Heart” (Conditional)3U
0136PHI378Studies in the Writings of the Maharal of Prague3U
0151PHI333Studies in Maimonides’ Laws of Repentance3U
0135PHI377Studies in Writings of Luzatto I3U
0150PHI396Studies in the Writings of Luzatto II3U
0139PHI311Topics in Chassidic Thought3U